CHIEF2MORO | Wednesday, July 17, 2024


'Hit the net' with ClubSiteFootball.

ClubSiteFootball is a web-based software application designed by Chief2moro, specifically for use by local football clubs, giving them an easy to maintain and feature-rich web presence.

ClubSiteFootball keeps detailed records of all of a club's matches, statistics, goals, players, player availability, photos and much much more, all updated through an easy to use web interface.

ClubSiteFootball is currently gaining favour as an annual subscription paid service by football teams in and around the Leicestershire area.

The site is based on a tabular (web parts) design with customisable style sheets (choice of 4, matched to each club's colours) allowing each club to personalise their website so as to maintain a sense of individuality over other club's using the ClubSiteFootball service.

A selection of site's from ClubSiteFootball's portfolio are highlighted below.

More info at ClubSiteFootball home

Leicester Polska FC

Leicester Echos FC

Barlestone St Giles FC

Universiy of Leicester Women's FC

Leicester Academicals FC

Desford FC